Baraka’s Books Now Available as Ebooks

Baraka’s Books Now Available as Ebooks

Baraka Books is proud to announce that eight titles in our catalogue can now be purchased as Ebooks (in all formats). More titles will be available soon.

The eight titles are:

A People’s History of Quebec by Jacques Lacoursière and Robin Philpot Buy Ebook

Barack Obama and the Jim Crow Media, The Return of the Nigger Breakers by Ishmael Reed Buy Ebook

An Independent Quebec, The Past, the Present and the Future by Jacques Parizeau Buy Ebook

Break Away, Jessie on My Mind by Sylvain Hotte (Translated by Casey Roberts) – Winner of the John Glassco Prize awarded by the Literary Translators’ Association of Canada Buy Ebook

Roads to Richmond, Portraits of Quebec’s Eastern Townships by Nick Fonda Buy Ebook

Discrimination in the NHL, Quebec Hockey Players Sidelined by Bob Sirois Buy Ebook

You could lose an eye, My first 80 years in Montreal by David Reich Buy Ebook

The Riot that Nevers Was, The military shooting of three Montrealers in 1832 and the official cover-up by James Jackson. Buy Ebook

Baraka Books is grateful for the support received from La SODEC for the conversion of books to Ebook Format