Pub date, 1 Oct. 2024 – Pre-order now. Free shipping in North America. Autoworkers in Oshawa unionized the General Motors plant in Oshawa in 1937 after a bitterly fought strike that pitted them against a rabidly anti-union government, hostile press and GM corporation. It was a major turning point in Canadian labour history. Crucial factors… Read more »

In the Shadow of Crows

Pre-order. Crows Pub Date, June 1. Free shipping in North America Connected via the fictional town of St Anne’s, a community along Nova Scotia’s western shore, each story takes its title from the children’s rhyme Counting Crows. One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a message, four for a boy, five for silver, six… Read more »

Dear Haider

Pre-order now. Dear Haider Pub date, June 1. Free shipping in North America. Liz, born in China and raised in Montreal, is about to land in Germany for a summer physics internship at the end of her freshman year. Eager for a new beginning, she hopes to break free of her unrealized childhood dream of… Read more »

The Thickness of Ice

Now Available The Thickness of Ice is a tender and tragic tale set in the remote subarctic town of Churchill, Manitoba, on Hudson Bay. The barren icy landscape pervades the characters’ lives and relationships. As the novel opens Wade confesses that he was responsible for the death of his best friend Jack three years after meeting him. They had been arguing about Tess, a Dene woman… Read more »

Canada’s Long Fight Against Democracy

Now available Canada’s Long Fight against Democracy is a sweeping overview of Canadian-backed coups since 1950. It documents Canada’s contribution to the ouster of over 20 elected governments from Mohammad Mossadegh in Iran to Patrice Lumumba in Congo, Salvador Allende in Chile and Jean Bertrand Aristide in Haiti. As part of subverting democracy, Ottawa has cut off aid… Read more »

But We Built Roads for Them

In the fiery political debates in and about Italy, silence reigns about the country’s colonial legacy. By reducing European colonial history to Britain and France, Italy has effectively concealed an enduring phenomenon in its history that lasted close to 80 years (1882 to 1960). It also blots out the history of the countries it colonized… Read more »

Arsenic mon amour

 Now available. Free shipping in North America Two young writers who grew up in the shadow of the huge chimneys of a copper refinery in Rouyn-Noranda speak out. They refuse to be lulled by the songs of gold that have silenced the people who built the city and enriched the foundry owners for decades. They… Read more »

The Seven Nations of Canada

Free shipping in North America; Now available; Wendake, Odanak, Wôlinak, Pointe-du-Lac, Kahnawake, Kanesatake, Akwesasne, Kitigan Zibi are communities located all along the St. Lawrence River valley and its tributaries and are known as the Seven Nations of Canada. They have been home to descendants of the Huron-Wendat, Algonquin, Nipissing, and Iroquois nations. These First Nations… Read more »


BY LOUISA BLAIR Available, Free shipping in North America Muddy boots, cold hands, a pocket full of fossils, a mind full of existential questions. These beautifully illustrated stories of natural history in nineteenth-century Canada are about the curious men and women who crossed the oceans from Europe to explore, map, draw, puzzle about, collect and… Read more »


Free shipping in North America. Bloody Sunday (1972) catapulted the Irish “troubles” onto the world stage, exacerbating suspicion in US intelligence circles that the IRA might turn to the Soviets for guns. South Boston native Raymond Daly, just off a CIA stint in Laos, is sent to Ireland to re-establish a line running guns to… Read more »