In the Shadow of Crows

Pre-order. Crows Pub Date, June 1. Free shipping in North America Connected via the fictional town of St Anne’s, a community along Nova Scotia’s western shore, each story takes its title from the children’s rhyme Counting Crows. One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a message, four for a boy, five for silver, six… Read more »

On the Crow and Other Stories

Buy ebook here From love lost on a canoe trip, clashing values and naked conflict between natives and newcomers, to the barroom and prison enforcer straight out of a Johnny Cash song, Poirier writes vividly about the people and land he loves and inhabits.  In six stories and one novella, readers escape the big city,… Read more »

Principals & Other Schoolyard Bullies

“Recommended!” by Library Journal “A fine collection.” Alistair MacLeod Who has never encountered a bully? Who has never told—or been told—a story of a bully? With an uncanny insight into what bullies are all about, Nick Fonda brings sensitivity and even humour to an otherwise sinister topic. Everybody knows that bullying is not limited to… Read more »