COVID-19 UPDATE: Free Shipping in North America for all Baraka & QC Fiction Books

COVID-19 UPDATE: Free Shipping in North America for all Baraka & QC Fiction Books

7 April 2020 – All books published by Baraka Books and our imprint QC Fiction are being shipped freely anywhere in North America when purchased on and QC Free shipping will last as long as the pandemic lasts. The main reasons are:

  • Most bookstores in North America have closed and Amazon has “deprioritized” books so that Mr. Bezos can make more money on people’s necessities.
  • Four books are due out on April 1. It was too late to hold off the pub date as the books were already in bookstores. The authors of these will simply not get the advantage of visibility among new releases. Please see the four books below.
  • We have a great backlist of books of all genres available.

The four new titles are:

A Stab at Life, A Mystery Novel by Richard King.
In this first “stab” at mystery novels, by coincidence, the heroine of A Stab at Life is … a nurse, and the action takes place in the Gursky Memorial Hospital in Montreal. Couldn’t be more appropriate. As Margaret Cannon wrote in the Globe and Mail : “…he has talent, wit and Montreal.” For bookseller and author Andreas Kessaris, A Stab at Life is a top-notch Montreal crime tale. When it comes to masterful storytelling, Richard is King.”

Things Worth Burying, A Novel by Matt Mayr
Described by one reviewer as “a working-class story of life at the struggling-to-get-by level, of a man who loves his child, his work and his hometown,” Matt Mayr has created characters that have been compared by a reviewer to “Steinbeck’s salt-of-the-earth migrant farmworkers … real, rough and shaped by tough times.” Hailing from Mantouwadge in Northern Ontario, he knows what he’s writing about.

Free of ‘Incurable’ Cancer, Living in Overtime by Susan Paton
Of author Susan Paton, Claudia Rainville writes, “Hers is the journey of a heroine. A heroine who overcomes her fears, doubts and suffering, but who ends up winning. A book of hope for those who think they’re doomed.”From QC Fiction

From QC Fiction:

The Art of The Fall, a play by Véronique Côté, Danielle Le Saux-Farmer et al.
In the current crisis, this play about love, art and the 2008 financial crisis couldn’t have been more timely. As Jacob Wren remarked, it is “Satire so sharp it cuts you then puts a price tag on the scars.”

In addition to these new titles, we’d like to draw your attention to some other great recent titles and authors.

From Baraka: Exile Blues by Gary Freeman; Fog by Rana Bose; The Daughters’ Story by Murielle Cyr; Yasmeen Haddad Loves Joanasi Maqaittik by Carolyn Marie Souaid

From QC Fiction: Songs for the Cold of Heart by Eric Dupont (trans. Peter McCambridge) (Canada only); Prague by Maude Veilleux (trans. Aleshia Jensen and Aimée Wall); In the End Tthey Told Them All to Get Lost by Laurence Leduc-Primeau (trans. Natalia Hero); The Little Fox of Mayerville by Éric Mathieu (trans. Peter McCambridge), Brothers by David Clerson (trans. Katia Gubisic) and much more.

By David Vermette: A Distinct Alien Race, The Untold Story of Franco-Americans.
By Stephen Gowans: Israel, A Beachhead in the Middle East; Patriots, Traitors and Empires, The Story of Korea’s Fight for Freedom; Washington’s Long War on Syria.
By Gail Cuthbert Brandt: Through the Mill, Girls and Women in the Quebec Cotton Textile Industry 1889-1951
By Ishmael Reed: Why No Confederate Statues in Mexico and The Complete Muhammad Ali
By Jean-Benoît Nadeau and Julie Barlow: Charging Ahead, Hydro-Québec and the Future of Electricity
By Barry Sheehy: Montreal, City of Secrets, Confederate Operations in Montreal During the American Civil War
By Fred Jerome: The Einstein File, The FBI’s Secret War on the World’s Most Famous Scientist
By Robert Foxcurran, Michel Bouchard & Sébatien Malette: Songs Upon the Rivers, The Buried History of French-speaking Canadiens & Métis
By Claude Lacaille: Rebel Priest in the Time of Tyrants, Haiti, Ecuador and Chile (trans. Casey Roberts)

And on Public Health: Scandinavian Common Sense, Policies to Tackle Social Inequalities in Health  by Marie-France Raynault and Dominique Côté

Very best wishes during confinement.

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