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In a rich, diversified and international career, Carla Blank has been dramaturge, choreographer, stage director, writer, art and architecture critic, defender of women’s rights and of a multicultural America, and more. Fortunately, she has recorded much of her experience in essays now gathered in a single volume.

From her role as stage director in Ramallah through a searing critique of bigotry on Broadway, the storming of the old boys’ citadel in architecture, a fine analysis of great women dancers and choreographers, such as the late great Suzushi Hanayagi, to the taking down of “mainstream” cultural historians on abstract art and postmodernism, Carla Blank brilliantly puts words to what the “ocean” of multicultural America feels.

In an exclusive interview with her partner Ishmael Reed, we learn how a curious young Jewish woman from Pittsburgh developed into a committed and eloquent public intellectual.

A Renaissance woman, Carla Blank has distinguished herself as a dancer, choreographer, author, director, dramaturge, teacher, editor, journalist, and Jazz musician (violinist). She has written or edited five books, including Bigotry on Broadway, Storming the Old Boys’ Citadel, and Rediscovering America: The Making of Multicultural America, 1900-2000. In dance, she has collaborated with directors/designers or choreographers such as Robert Wilson and Suzushi Hanayagi. In theater, she has directed plays and multimedia performances in many cities in the United States, in China, in West Bank Palestinian cities, including at the Palestinian National Theatre in Jerusalem. Her articles have appeared in publications including The Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, and  El Païs (Spain). Carla Blank lives in Oakland.


Praise and Reviews

On Bigotry on Broadway

“Blank and Reed offer an incisive, critical take on Broadway’s past and present; discuss an alternative vision that incorporates the perspectives missing from Broadway; and look toward a more inclusive future. A book for all readers interested in the history of Broadway musicals, theater criticism, and the role of whiteness in Broadway’s misrepresentations.” Library Journal

On Rediscovering America

“An effective, valuable historical reference work. A worthwhile acquisition for academic, public, and high school libraries.”  Library Journal

On Storming the Old Boys’ Citadel

“Books like this one are vital in highlighting what our history notes have left out. They remind us to redefine our views and question our records. If we need to redefine the history of architecture today, let it include women.” Montreal Review of Books


1                 Author Carla Blank Interviewed by Ishmael Reed

2                Postmodernism

3                Whose Abstract Art?

4                America the Beautiful

5                 Elvis Presley: King or Apprentice?

6                Neglecting a Grand Old Lady

7                 A new New Deal for the Arts

8                When Kabuki is Not Kabuki

9                Apollo Could Be a Bitch

10              How Buffalo’s Lafayette Hotel Went from Fleabag to Fabulous

11               The Education of Paul Ryan

12              Storming the Old Boys’ Citadel

13              Prince: Dance and Pain

14              Purging History: Was Orlando Really the Worst Massacre in U.S. History?

15               The Sorrows of Young Alfonso by Rudolfo Anaya

16              Suzushi Hanayagi at Mulhouse

17               L’arte è per 1’1% ispirazione e per il 99% duro lavoro /Art is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, an interview with Carla Blank by Corinne Bergamini

18              Old in Art School: A Memoir of Starting Over by Nell Painter

19              The Resurrection of Sister Aimee

20              A Grande Dame of Dance

21              Is Broadway About Dollars and Cents

22              Public Purpose, Public Art

23              Finding Nature in a Built Environment

24              A Jew in Ramallah


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