The past, the present and the future

By Jacques Parizeau

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I am very pleased to see this book published in English,” declared Jacques Parizeau. “It has always been my belief that the best way for Quebecers and English-speaking Canadians to reach an understanding that is satisfactory for all is through direct communication. Though we may not agree on the best course to take, we will at least understand and hopefully respect each other’s choices.”

Jacques Parizeau discusses book with Globe and Mail

Drawing on his rich experience in politics, public service, and education, Jacques Parizeau explains how the idea of an independent Quebec took root and evolved and reviews Quebec’s current economic, political, social, and cultural situation. No stones are left unturned: Why become independent? What is the role of the state and how should it be administered in a global economy? What new challenges face Quebec sovereigntists; their English Canadian counterparts; and their neighbours in the United States? Readers will better understand the cause Jacques Parizeau has defended with dignity for forty years and also why he is one of Quebec’s most respected political leaders.

Praise for An Independent Quebec

“On all issues, Jacques Parizeau has interesting things to say. (…) Overall, it is the book of a leading civil servant, a major actor in the Quiet Revolution, and an extraordinary politician. His ideas, whether we share them or not, deserve our respect. There are too many mediocre politicians for us not to welcome the idea that a politician is also a thinker.” — Alain Dubuc, La Presse

“What Parizeau brilliantly illustrates is that today ‘no country is too small to develop as long as it is part of large trade space or market.’ ” — Louis Cornellier, Le Devoir.

Jacques Parizeau holds a PhD in economics from the London School of Economics and was economic advisor to Quebec premiers Lesage, Johnson, and Bertrand. Elected to the Quebec National Assembly in 1976, he was Minister of Finance from 1976 through 1984. He was elected premier of Quebec in 1994 and led the Yes committee in the 1995 referendum. He is honorary professor of economics at HEC Montréal.

Robin Philpot, who translated this book, is a Montreal writer, translator, and publisher.

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  1. Posted by ferdinanda van gennip on

    I am just wondering if this book is the English translation of an original French, since the sources of praise are Le Devoir and La Presse and Parizeau says he is pleased to see the book appear in English. Yet, there is no mention of a translator’s name. I noted that you normally do mention the translator’s name with your book descriptions, so it would be a departure from your standard practice if this were a translation but for some reason you omitted the name. I know Parizeau’s English is excellent, so maybe he really did write it in English. Just curious.

  2. Posted by Robin Philpot on


    It is an English translation. It was translated by Robin Philpot whose name is on the front page of the book. It is an oversight that the translator’s name is not on the website.

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  3. This book in English is welcome and very appropriate at this present time as i read the book in it’s original French version, saying to myself there should be a translation for english speaking all over the world. First it would temper the tensions between canadians and those on both sides want Québec to roll on their own tracks. Then, there will be enough, good and sincere reasons for the two nations to live in peace. That is what we desire for a long time as we believe mister Parizeau, after René Lévesque, C. Castonguay, represents for me and many quebecers, the most loyal, honest sincere ex-polician in Québéc. We would gladly put our destiny with a person like him who would be able to bring us independance and stability longing to come…

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